A Scorpion in my Shoe

The Biography of Isabella Divers
Published 2008

A Scorpion in My Shoe, told by Isabella Divers (93), a Dunedin born and bred woman who did dentistry training before becoming an itinerant dental nurse in Central Otago during WWII. Her husband worked for the British Colonial Service in East Africa, where they lived in remote areas of Tanganyika (Tanzania) for 15 years before he joined the United Nations and was posted to Liberia for two years. 45,000 words; published February 2008.

    Isabella’s daughter, Karen Marks, says this about A Scorpion in my Shoe:

    “Ruth, I can’t thank you enough for all the trouble you went to for Mummy’s biography – your opening remarks had me in tears.  I would never have had the patience you had in your meticulous research and getting her to remember things she had thought she had long forgotten.  I will be able to read it for years to come to remember just what a great life she had and what an exceptional person she is.  The book has been brilliant for her too and I have recorded it on tape as her blindness has precluded her from reading it herself. She listens to it sometimes when she feels lonesome, if an old friend who is mentioned in it dies or if she feels she is starting to forget again.  She is also very, very proud of it and we are immensely grateful to you for your hard work, dedication and caring – and becoming our friend too.”


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